Denmark Odense „Thai Fights 5000“

Denmark was a lesson and also an experience we won’t forget so far! ;-D
Five of my fighters went this weekend to Denmark to fight on the „Thai 5000“ event in Odense.
Due to some misunderstanding my guys had to fight under Muay Thai rules (without elbows) against some really smart fighters. Almost all of my guys had to face the excellent clinching school from Denmark, which was really hard to handle for my fighters since they only fought K1 in their whole career. 4 of 5 fighters lost their fight, this is the badest outcome my team achieved in the whole history of me being a trainer. Main reason for this was the tireless and really really good clinching skills of the opponents. Next time, the promoter of Thai 5000 and me will try to organize a rematch under K1 rules. This would be really Interesting for all parties.

Mehmet vs. Ali Cheikha -65Kg

Mehmet was not able to show his talented technic work due to the clinching and sweeping of an smart Ali Cheikha. 3 rounds full of clinches, throwing and sweeping dominated by Ali Cheikha.

Alae-Eddine vs Mike Busk -90Kg B class

The fight started really exciting. Both were kicking and punching with an awesome power. A really balanced Fight. In the second round Mike Busk started with intensive clinching which caused an end of the fight in the second round.

Kai Stenzhorn vs Jan Kysby -75Kg B class

Kai faced a strong Jan Kysby and tried to find the whole fight a solution against the hard and aggressive clinches of Jan Kysby – without any effect. In the third round Jan landed really hard knees to Kai’s head which causes an injury on his right eye and the doctor had to stop the contest.

Noureddine Ajnaou vs. Joakim K. -81Kg C class

Noureddine fought from the beginning on with a big fighter heart and dominated the whole fight with his hard combinations. Winner: Our Noureddine Ajnaou.
(Luckily the opponent didn’t clinched that much :D)

Roman Sarja vs Frederic Langwagen -91Kg

The last fighter of the evening was roman Sarja. Even when the fight wasn’t disturbed by good clinching moves, he had still a lot of bad luck. After a balanced and really intressting first round of both figthers, Roman broke his foot ankle in the beginning of the second round and was not able to finish the fight.


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